Short Term Rehabilitation

We offer the highest standards of therapy and rehabilitation at Berkshire Rehabilitation and Nursing Center. We work hard to build an environment that is caring and welcoming with a focus on helping residents get better. Our goal is to guide residents on their journey to independence, teaching functional and self-care skills in a real-home environment. We have built a unique, authentic home-like environment that residents can use to practice and improve their skills in an environment that mimics real world settings.


Every resident is on a different journey, which is why our staff create a unique plan for every one of our residents. Helping residents reach their goals for wellness and independence is our priority, but we do so at a pace that is comfortable for them. Gaining mobility and ability is key, our staff work diligently to identify pain and physical challenges and construct a rehabilitation plan that prevents the potential for future injury.


Our occupational therapy staff focus on establishing well-being and independence for our residents. We work to understand what each resident’s Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) look like, whether they’re personal care and hygiene or feeding and bathing, and work towards improving the performance of those tasks. 


Our team of speech therapists identify deficits in speech and language in our residents and establish programs to improve those areas. Our therapists assess the needs of every resident when it comes to communication and swallowing, developing a program that works for them. These therapies are constructed for residents living with the effects of dementia, stroke, respiratory illness, or other injuries.