Success Stories

Berkshire has taken good care of my father during his rehabilitation stay. The staff is friendly and the nurses have been very responsive.
Robert Citrano
Today while visiting my friend, a social worker by the name of Dawn was visiting her also, she was giving her quality time, she said she visits her twice a week. A nurse also came in during my visit to offer a snack.
tina matos
Everyone is always very friendly and courteous!! Bright and clean!! Staff is very attentive and caring!!
Patricia Hughes
Beautiful facility & wonderful care for our 94 year old mom & grandmother! We were impressed with the cleanliness, and responsive and caring staff!
A PLACE FILLED WITH ANGELS. Finding this place for my grandmother for rehab out of the hospitals was nothing short of divine. She's been to many facilities that were nightmares. This place should have 5 stars and nothing les. They are definitely NOT understaffed. The entire staff is so compassionate, gentle, generous and their comradery to make sure your loved one receives optimal care and a plan to get them better is unlike anything I've seen. The place is a clean, beautiful facility. They have daily activities, games, arts and crafts, music etc to provide normalcy and keep your loved one feeling positive during their experience. I wish I could express more about how incredible this experience is to witness for my grandmother. We even got to participate in arts and crafts with her, painting pumpkins. MOLLY is an angel walking the halls making sure every patient is getting the attention and unconditional love they deserve. Whoever is in staffing did an incredible job creating a space of unity and compassionate nurses, doctors, PT ETC.
Kerri Jade
My stepmother Elisabeth? has been there 8+ years and very happy ..she’s like the mayor. She has a lot of friends. I’m very grateful to Berkshire nursing home.💖
Friendly staff and an immaculate and safe environment.
Michael Sipala
I had my mom in Berkshire for about 6 weeks. The staff at Berkshire is so amazing. They are attentive and caring ! The place is kept clean and being remodeled beautiful.
Frank Mondello
Berkshire has been a blessing. Every single person on the staff are amazing!! So attentive and caring!! Highly recommend this center to everyone!!
Eileen Rodriguez
My experience with a loved one here was extremely positive. Staff was always attentive and helpful. Social worker, physical therapist, nurses and nursing assistants were all kind. Food was very good too! My understanding is they are under new ownership now, they are doing a great job! I would definitely recommend this nursing home!
Linda Petrusa
My dad was recently in this facility for over a month from April to may 2021. They took excellent care of him. The doctors, nurses, and support staff were kind and helpful.
L Goldendoodle
Why do you think I have returned for rehab four times?!?! Because this place is amazing!! The therapy team are amazing, the food is delicious, and the building is very clean. If I have to receive treatment again, Berkshire is where I'm going.
Betti Elmer
I was overwhelmed by what appeared to be a sense of community with the residence. I also noticed that the staff to patient ratio was double/triple from what I saw at other centers. Berkshire's management makes sure every patient is taken care of. The nurses, PT staff, Aide's, Maintenance staff are all so caring.
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Peter N.
My dad was in Hospice care and unfortunately was only there for a couple of days before passing. The staff was very attentive, loving and kind. I'm grateful to Lori who worked hard on admitting him and helping our family have him closer to us. It is with great appreciation that I would recommend this center to family and friends.
Marisol Martinez
My grandmother stayed at Berkshire for about 1 month. During that time her stay was fantastic. The staff is warm, kind, patient and caring. My grandmother is a difficult patient but they always practiced patience and kindness. In particular the staff in the west section of the rehab really helped us make the best out of a tough situation. They were on top of her hygiene and the place itself was always clean. The food was good to. | tried it a few times. I highly recommend Berkshire to anyone needing rehab or nursing care after hospital.
Phil Melchiorre
I'm a current resident here at Berkshire, and I have a good report to give. I find that the staff, from Nurses to OT and PT and food service is amazing. As far as I'm concerned 2 Nurses here actually saved my life. They were very fast in responding when I had trouble breathing and they sought further medical attention for me. The staff here makes you feel very welcomed and like family.
Janet One
Very happy with the care and the staff. The rehab wing is bright and clean. The new gym and the therapy staff are helpful and knowledgeable. My father in law was in two other facilities near by, will only be coming to Berkshire for care if needed again.
Greg Hocknell
From Jenna in Admissions walking me through the process to get my Mom into Berkshire, to Lauren, Molly, Cindy, our PT ladies Makayla and Ang, and both RNs on duty at the nurse station, the rehab facility gives a welcoming feeling, you get to know the staff will be responsive to your loved one's needs. Keep up the remarkable work, all of you and your assistants are amazing!!!
Anthony Gabrielli
When I say this place is filled with OPTIMAL care for your loved ones, that's an understatement. As a doctor myself, seeing the care my mother is receiving here depicts everything I love about the medical field. Compassion, unconditional love, the patient care is beyond thorough and the unity here unmatched. I pray if your loved one ever needs rehabilitation that you read this comment and have faith that this is your sign to go here. Molly and the staff here are beyond sensational.
Shari Jacobs
Beautiful facility & wonderful care for our 94 year old mom & grandmother! We were impressed with the cleanliness, and responsive and caring staff!
Berkshire Nursing and Rehabilitation Center more than met our expectations. Their staff was caring and attentive. Our requests were acknowledged and fulfilled . The facility was clean and the food was tasty.
Delvis Melendez
The staff has been very friendly and caring of my father. They have taken care of his needs in a timely manner.
Ezekiel Witherspoon Jr
I would love my mom to be home with me… but she needs the rehab care and Berkshire is providing it. From the moment you walk in the door it looks like a luxury hotel! The facility is spotless and totally remodeled on the rehab side. The staff is pleasant, receptive, and kind. I have been there to visit on all 3 shifts and I can say it is stellar 24 hour care!
Veronica Amos
My mom was there for about 2 months. She received very good care. The facility was always clean and the staff was attentive to her. Most of them always had a smile on their faces and to me, that's important.
Donna Anne
Mom is in for rehab, nice, clean and recently renovated. Staff is very nice and the rehab equipment is new.
Alex Hill
They are constantly cleaning and disinfecting the place, and the kindness and respect they show my loved one, it warms my heart, that there are actually people that do care.
Raquel Castro
Excellent facility, with excellent care. From the moment I was admitted I was made to feel like a normal person again. The nurses on the West rehab unit are AMAZING and the rehab department really got me back on my feet fast. From the nurse manager Eleni, to the social worker Jennifer, everyone made it their business to stop by to check on everything, even Roman the head cook and Sam the administrator. If you're looking for a facility for your family member Berkshire is definitely the place. You will not be disappointed.
Mark Steadman
Facility was immaculate and therapy really helped me get even stronger than I was before I went in to the hospital. All of their staff is professional, kind and courteous. Highly recommend.
Marie G
My mom has been at Berkshire for 4 years . It was a rough transition for me at the beginning as I cared for her at home, but the staff really helped me with the whole process and shes in great hands. She has made so many great friends , plays cards and attends all the activities. She also loves when shes on the therapy program. The social workers have been so helpful and anytime I have had any questions administrations has really made sure they are involved. I highly recommend this facility. My mom is still here and doing great. 🙂 Karen
Karen Rodgers
A great experience for my mom. Excellent care, lovely staff all around. The social workers went overboard to help navigate the questions we had. Roman the food service director accommodates all requests and the food is delicious. Highly recommended.
Far Rockaway
I'm so grateful to the staff at Berkshire for making my Mom feel comfortable & well cared for. There are so many that I'd like to thank, but to thank them all would be impossible. Quick shout out to Samantha, Vance, Carol, Marie, Tashianna, Roland, JoJo & Tom.
Lawrence Falco
My step mother-in-law has been in and out of different nursing facilities in Suffolk County for the past 2 years. I have to say Berkshire has been the best one. She received wonderful care there. They have an excellent rehab team and really motivated her to try to work hard. I have not had many good experiences with several other facilities. The staff, including their administration and even their owners (who we’ve met on the west wing) genuinely care and listen to concerns. | would highly recommend this facility to my family and friends.
Gina Tartaglia
physical therapy on bicycle
I visited a friend staying at Berkshire today. The entry and new gym looked fantastic. The West wing was clean and appears newly decorated in the walls and floors. The staff was pleasant to both my friend and to me, when I asked questions. I wasn’t aware of this facility previously, but am glad I do now. Parking in front parking s a challenge, but there is ample parking in the lot on the side.
Evie Sosna
I’m so happy that my aunt is doing so well here at Berkshire the staff is so nice to my aunt they make sure she gets all the help she needs when I leave I know that they will watch over and I get calls at home with updates I’m very pleased to have chosen Berkshire thank you to all the staff!!!
Ana M.